The Suffragette film and midwifery 

JennytheM shares her sense of urgency around the need for midwives (in the UK but also elsewhere when forces prevent us doing the work we need to do) to stand tall like our sisters before us.


The Suffragette film has so many parellels in my life as a midwife and also as a single mother that I just have to write about it

As a midwife I see the strength and courage of women on a daily basis – I also see vulnerability , sadness , wisdom and grief .

These emotions and traits are also part of me and every midwife and must be recognised and valued

Until I “found” myself through social media I was almost lost and felt that I’d never fit in – through the power of twitter I have found my place and I’ve gained #courageButter . I have connected with brilliant inspiring midwives, future midwives, doulas, obstetricians and several others who are not necessarily birth workers but who embrace the fact that birth is part of our psyche .

We are all born therefore it is crucial that any birth…

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