Registered and practicing midwife since 1997.


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant 2008 (re certified 2013)


Master’s degree in Midwifery 2012; La Trobe University. Minor thesis: Exploring women’s experience of postnatal care in the home: a qualitative study.


Current PhD candidate School of Public Health La Trobe university; research project looking at breastfeeding support by lactation consultants in Melbourne, Australia.


Awarded the Irving Buzzard Midwifery prize 2013; the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation.


Areas of interest:

Breastfeeding Pregnancy Childbirth Parenting

Perinatal mental health





M: 0418 910 238

E: jenhock13@gmail.com

Blog: http://www.jenhock.com


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